Active Chick

This is a time of great awakening - and great despair.

There is a paradox at play. What will it take to see a tipping point? To tip the scales of momentum toward healing - both the people and the planet? In our view, that's US. Each of us playing our part will make the difference.
At Active Chick, we believe:
  • Everyone matters and everything we do matters.
  • Small acts of kindness and aid can create big change.
  • Courage is worth invoking to do the right thing.
  • Inspiring each other can make THE difference toward staying the course.
  • We are not alone - which means we have support and it also means we make an impact.
  • The earth needs our help.

We CELEBRATE what women are up to because there is enough voice given to what's wrong.

We want to shine light on the amazing and profound work that is contributing to the healing and nurturing of all that is good in this world. When our focus is firmly there, we will inspire one another toward more of this goodness, this greatness, which will support a return to healthy balance.

We have a few favorite places and organizations where we like to focus our energy. You have your own. They all matter.

These are our top 10 faves today:

 The Planet
1% for the Planet - "1% is a really big number"
Pachamama Alliance - "Awaken the dreamer"
Billions in Change - "Awareness doesn't change the problem, doing does"
The Nature Conservancy - "Conserving land and water on which all life depends"
The Ocean Cleanup - "The largest ocean cleanup in history"
Empowerment & Education
Woman Within International - "No judgment, just be yourself"
Hospice - "High quality palliative care to assure no patient or caregiver suffers unnecessarily"
Ryan's Well - "Passion keeps ideas growing."
Heifer International "Together we have POWER over hunger & poverty"

Submit your favorites for consideration to be included in our upcoming Inspiration Page: People Beaming Love.

Do your part and don't look back. All is well and getting better every day.