Active Chick

Anger, what a gift

Anger is a natural emotion, it’s the heat and shield of emotional pain. Sometimes it’s absolutely justified, but most often, if we were always enlightened beings, we’d recognize it’s false bravado. Sometimes, in fact, probably most of the time, it does have a productive nature. It has the ability to give us a conduit, or access road, into deeper places within ourselves, and others. The aftermath of anger feels awful sometimes, especially when we realize the arrows we shot were really tears of pain.  Inside that bow and quiver of arrows was a targeted cry that needed a bull’s eye of soothing.  Darn it all, with tail between our hind legs, we need to give our anger a break. Maybe sing it’s praises for the humility, clarity, and honesty it brings. Sometimes anger is a crappy conduit, but despite it, it can uplift the myriad dimensions of love. – submitted by Eva Zayha