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A-C-T-I-V-E Chick: C is for Connection – NOT Competition

A-C-T-I-V-E Chick:
"C" is for Connection-

Loving, Supportive Connection,
NOT Competition

Recently, I was dancing to my heart’s delight at a popular local bar, and noticed women in my vicinity sizing me up. Oooh, boy, they were checking me out head to toe, eyeing how I was dressed, watching how I danced.

It didn’t surprise me. Women do that. In fact, it reminded me how we, as women, are taught to compete with one another, how we often (unknowingly perhaps) attempt to lift ourselves up by putting others down, especially in the company of a friend or group of friends. We criticize other women, compare ourselves to others, and ultimately feel like we are never good enough - even though it is painful, unnecessary and destructive. This is how many (too many, I believe) women interact. And what keeps women from trusting one another.

As I age and gain wisdom, I realize how vital it is that we LOVE and SUPPORT each other, and how much better it feels to actively participate in positively elevating another woman.

Women are the gender that has been shut down, passed over, abused, used, and violated in a myriad of ways over many generations. We've been objectified, dismissed, suffered inexplicably...all because we were deemed "less than" a man. Time for that to end. We are up to the task of being equals. Equal to each other, equal to the other gender, capable of accomplishing so much. I love men. And I love women. We are all here on this planet together. We need to get along. We need to learn and teach what that means, what it looks like...

We have come so far and yet, we still have so far to go.

It is imperative that we support, uplift, respect, appreciate, elevate, and do our best to be each other’s biggest cheerleaders. When any of us is drawn to cut another down, consider that it may be a cry for connection, reassurance, a need to expand self love, or a sense of belonging.

When I feel a sense of inadequacy, catching myself in a moment of 'compare and despair', I realize I need to seek reassurance from within myself or maybe I need to ask, however vulnerably, for something from someone outside of myself.

There is always a relationship between me and all that's going on in my world at any moment. Since we never know what's really going on in someone else's world, let's try stepping into their shoes for a moment and have compassion and seek understanding, both by giving and receiving it. Let's spread more love and support!

Tearing each other down brings every one of us down.

When any one of our sisters (or brothers!) rises, we all rise.  Let's rise up together! 

Lifting each other up is one our soul’s true desires. It feels amazing, and cultivates more love and light in the world. 

Being there for each other, with full integrity and honor, appreciating each other for our gifts and our differences, is how we are meant to connect. Let’s make an effort to elevate each other. The world will become an even more beautiful place. Find a sister (and / or brother!) to elevate today. Together we rise.