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A is for ActivismCommunity Activism:

Bags for the Homeless Campaign, by Active Chick Inc.

Homelessness is an enormous problem in nearly every community, including our beloved San Luis Obispo. For several years now, Active Chick has supported a simple and powerful campaign to help the homeless in San Luis Obispo. 

Operating from a sense that there’s always something we can do to help, the Campaign involves gathering simple supplies to give out to homeless people in our own neighborhoods. These are necessities many homeless are in desperate need of, but don’t have. We take about 12 or so items, put them in reusable Active Chick tote bags, then we give the filled bags to any down and out homeless person we see on the street. The items range from shampoo, a comb, a reusable water bottle, a personal towel, socks, granola bar, chocolate, and some safety articles such as a small flashlight, first aid kit.

Ideally, Active Chick is seeking sponsors to donate the products so we can spread this campaign far and wide, beginning right here in San Luis Obispo. It is important to our core Active Chick values that the products be sustainable, wherever possible. NO single use water bottles and limited plastics of any kind. As much as possible we also look for items that enhance and support health and well being for the planet as well as our local homeless community. The companies that sponsor the products would be recognized for their generosity, and the homeless would receive much needed supplies. This would ensure ample supply and goodwill.

As the campaign grows, a community of concerned citizens will manage the receiving of products, filling of bags, and dispersing of filled bags to interested participants. We are most interested in and inspired by the connection that occurs when a volunteer gifts a bag of simple but much needed supplies to a homeless recipient.

Is this something you’d like to do? Does giving call to you? 

How does it feel to give something of great value to someone who has less than you do? What is their reaction? The impact on them? How do you feel upon witnessing a reaction to your gift?

What can we, as a community do to spread more kindness and generosity? We would love to see our SLO community along with other communities join us in adopting this grassroots campaign to involve citizens in this simple outreach to our homeless brothers and sisters. Because in the end we’re all sharing the same home. 

Contact us to become a sponsor or to get involved.