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Eva Zayha

Eva Zayha

Gracefully dancing her way through life, Eva embraces the duality of gentleness and fierce warrior presence.

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” – English Proverb"

English Proverb

Eva's Active Chick Story

Eva has a passion for the animal kingdom, in particular that of the beautiful butterfly. Eva is known as “The Butterfly Whisperer”, creating “safe houses” to protect her beloved caterpillars from predators so they may produce the chrysalises necessary for their metamorphosis into butterflies. Eva has single-handedly saved hundreds of caterpillars from becoming lunch.

Eva has a ‘green thumb’, specializing in building natural, sustainable butterfly gardens that attract and nourish her beloved winged creatures.

Recently Eva has added playing with and taking care of her grandson to the most enjoyable ways to spend her time.

Additionally, Eva is a dedicated member of a long-established women’s circle which she says keeps her mind and spirit soaring. Eva loves to dance, garden, swim, walk, hike, and chase butterflies.

Peace is wonderful, but ecstatic dance is more fun and less narcississtic. ~Rumi

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