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Shine Baby, Shine.

We know you have a bright light within. A brilliance that makes a difference everywhere you go. Your smile can light up a room. Your positivity, your creativity, your love can shift a conversation and generate momentum.

When you’re balanced and fulfilled, your radiance shines brilliantly. We know because we feel it too!

In contrast, when you’re out of balance: overwhelmed, exhausted, busy investing your life force on tasks and projects that aren’t fully aligned, when you’re on your computer,sitting at your desk, or running around for too much of your day, your radiance can dim, you feel exhausted and depleted, and life looks radically different.

We offer inspiration in many forms:
Guidance and education from featured leaders in various fields;
Generous, compassionate listening to your needs and truths;
A deeply caring sisterhood, committed to your radiance;
Tips and tools for ongoing growth and inspired living;
Accountability structures to meet your goals.
FUN activities and Happy Hour recipes to lighten your day.

Our membership forum is a place where you get to:
Challenge yourself to transform your limiting beliefs, and be fully supported as you move through your challenges.
Share ideas and engage in important discussions about the topics that create meaning in our lives.
Envision your best life and set corresponding goals, stretches, milestones.
Give and receive encouragement, support, input.
Generate influence to make a difference in our own lives, our families, and our communities.
Be accountable and hold your sisters accountable to be the best we each can be.
Ever deepening connections with a dynamic global community of women.
Keep growing ongoing.
Together we make a difference.
For about the same cost as one glass of wine or a couple fancy coffees, you can gift yourself with ongoing inspiration and support at your fingertips. Experience vitality of body, spirit and mind.

Let your life show the world who you are – a woman filled with radiance and authenticity, making a unique and important difference in this world.

Active Chick Shine Membership

$9.95 per month
  • Full access to participate in Active Chick Inspiration Calls including:
    • Live interviews with Featured Chicks
    • Radiant Life Coaching Calls
    • Special Content Events
    • and so much more.
  • Full access to the Active Chick Community Forum
  • Receive ‘first to know’ VIP announcements for new product releases and upcoming events (some fill quickly).
  • 10% off products anytime membership is active, good for:
    • Products (excludes membership)
    • Active Chick Adventures
    • Event Tickets
  • $5 off coupon: one valid during each month of active membership, good towards:
    • Products (excludes membership)
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