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A-C-T-I-V-E Chick: C is for Connection

C is for Connection

Humans are meant to connect. Connection is imperative.

Tribes are the most natural consequence of our drive to survive.

Community interaction and synergy makes everything work more smoothly; the benefits are endless.

Connection is absolutely vital to our well being, particularly in today’s world of technology, politics, disasters, news blasts, struggles, and physical separation from one another. Connection to others makes us feel safe, happy, relaxed, like we belong. It’s our way to belonging. 

Connection to kindred, like minded people cultivates compassion, accountability, integrity.

Deep connection to self, along with acceptance and appreciation of who we are, creates joy and spurs growth and high self worth, enabling us to do great things.

Connection to Nature is the highest form of spirituality and our soul knows it.

As someone who has experienced long periods of isolation, and the accompanying loneliness that is part of isolation, in contrast to the joy of being connected in community, family, and friendships, I know first hand how much better life is when I am in connection with others.

We all need to feel like we belong to something, that we are a part of something larger than ourselves – beyond our personal spiritual (or non spiritual) beliefs. When we are part of something bigger than we can create on our own, we flourish.

We also thrive when we are following our purpose, which I believe is to find JOY in this life. When we feel joyful, the energy is contagious. People who exude positive, uplifting energy cause a wave of good feelings in the world, and that elevates moods, initiates new possibilities, stimulates ideas, creates new dreams. Productivity flourishes when like-minded spirits come together with the intent of elevating one another.

We need to learn to ask for what we need, and if that need is connection, we need to learn how to lovingly reach out. We are never truly alone unless we choose to be, one way or another.

Even if there are times when I feel isolated and sad, I know that I can choose to use that time to go within until I feel more like reaching out. Alternatively, I can just let myself BE in that space without judgment, guilt, or that most damaging emotion, shame.

How about you? Do you ever feel lonely, isolated, and//or depressed?

What do you do if/when those feelings come up? Do you reach out for connection or do you allow yourself that space? Or a combination of the two? Now I am going to make a coffee date with that wonderful friend I haven’t seen in too long…

Self Care, is part of Love and Connection with Self.

Let’s do what we each need to do to feel joyful, so our love and light can spread throughout the planet. For some of us, our joy is sparked from taking a hike in the woods, a swim in the ocean, a walk on the beach, sharing wine with friends, a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant, or a bbq at our bestie’s house.

As we grow and connect even more with our true selves, our inner happiness, our wise woman within, then our joy just naturally spreads to others and eventually all over this great big world. Here’s to connection! What a beautiful thing.