Active Chick

Humble Pie

Sometimes we unknowingly accuse someone of doing something because we don’t know where else to go with our pain, and we make assumptions. The last blog post I wrote (yesterday) proved to include just that, an assumption – and a wrong assumption to boot. That old adage ‘the definition of the word ‘assumption=making an ass of you and me’ is pretty darn accurate.

As it turns out, during the time I was in meditation (2 hours) on the morning of our dog Sadie getting an almost fatal drug overdose, our son had left the side gate of our fenced-in yard open when he left. Our neighbors Sadie run over into the field next door and eat from a pile of something. They could not see what she was eating, but she was called back into our house about 20 minutes later. I missed the whole thing and had no idea any of it had gone down. So apparently, our dog was not poisoned by someone throwing toxic drugs over our fence. She managed to discover the stash all on her own! There was negligence by a human who left a gate open for her to explore, and odd behavior by other humans who left a potent drug stash in a field, probably in a bag, of what likely would have been a very lucrative drug deal. I am relieved to learn that no one is throwing toxic, lethal substances over our fence in hopes of killing our dog. Likely the same scenario was what lead to her near fatal encounter with rat poison one year ago today.

Sadie is still undergoing emergency care at the Vet Hospital, but it looks like she will recover. All I want for Christmas is my dog back. I already have my two front teeth.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holy Days to everyone in the world! We are all in this together, through good times and bad. My humble pie tasted better than I thought!