Active Chick

Momentum Molasses No Mo’

If ever there is a time to say these words and have these thoughts, it’s now: at the tip of where the momentum begins to S L O W….

Commit. Act. Celebrate.

Make it a mantra. Simple and sometimes not easy.

It’s nearly two weeks after many commitments saw the light of day. Today is the 12th (and really up to day 20ish) you may find this molasses shows up in your world. The reality of ‘back to life’ begins to settle in and the excitement of any ‘new year commitment’ can begin to wane. But it doesn’t have to. You can choose to keep things warm and active. Now is the time.

Commit. Act. Celebrate.
Commit. Act. Celebrate.
One without the others is much less potent.
Do you have all three?

For momentum WILL slow. You can count on it. We all fall off the enthusiasm wagon. It can be a good thing, as it can remind us WHY we take the committed actions we do.

Here’s one of my waning/recommitting moments. Can you relate?

I have a huge (yes, pun intended) focus on my body right now. On changing my body. On feeling better in my body. The holidays were hard on me this year and I expressed some of my emotions in ways that weren’t so friendly to my figure. (I imagine you have no idea what I’m talking about.)

I woke up this morning and knew I had to get active. My brain wanted to, I swear. But I could barely move. The inflammation was strong. The tiredness was strong. The inertia to stay in my warm comfy bed was strong. Some days surrender can be nourishing, but not this day. I knew that I had to make something happen, even if it was small.

So I stayed there and thought about it. (mmmmmmm bed.) And enjoyed a few more minutes of thinking about it. I thought about all the things I could do.

Take a walk.
Go to the gym.
Put on one of my DVDs.
Lots of things I could do in my big ole bag o tricks.

Before long I had just about run out of time to do any of it. Crap. And then I thought about my commitment.

For me, I take care of my body because I have schtuff to do. Good schtuff that brings meaning to my life. I have important things to do with my day and it’s all much more possible and enjoyable when I feel energetic, sassy, sexy and able. If I’m droopy or slow or achy, my life isn’t as good. Period.

I also want to model for my kids what wellness looks like, what it takes, and what it provides in return.

Aww hell. I got my butt out of bed. With the ten minutes I had left I thought I could at least jump on the rebounder. So I grabbed it. But holy laundry Batman, look at that – the rebounder is covered with piles of clean laundry to put away. If it’s not one thing it’s another. C R U D.

At any juncture along the way I could stop for good reason. But those images of energetic, sassy keeping up with my boys – and having the fire to get through my tasks with a cheery disposition – all of these images kept me reaching for movement.

I cleared the laundry and set the rebounder down. As I climbed on, I realized that one of my boys was asleep in my bed. He had climbed in cozy during the night and I hadn’t noticed (big bed, not bad mom lol).

Double doo doo.

I hefted the rebounder on its side and rolled it into the living room, clumsily navigating around the laundry and cursing all the way. I might now be even a few more minutes behind, but I was going to bound at this point come hell or high water. So be it.

I set it down and put on Jason Mraz on Pandora and started with some jumping jacks on the rebounder. I realized at the first jump that I hadn’t put on a bra and probably should if this was going to be worthwhile.

Triple doo doo. And Yes, committed action.

Bra on and back to it again. Bound. Bound. Rebound.

I bounced and moved for literally 6 minutes in the end. And was a whole new gal.

My face flushed. My heart beat fast. My blood was moving and my body was warm. My joints were moving more smoothly and my belly felt more awake to possibly digest something. I felt the gentle pangs of hunger and thirst. I could also feel the early hints of some endorphins starting to come, which bring both joy and calm into my brain and body. My day was off to a very different start. I have huge gratitude for my commitment to feel good and be well. It made all the difference today and does every day really.

So in all I took about 12 minutes today – and I can say I started with movement – emotional, mental and physical movement – all taking care of me (with tremendous effort). I had to move past a number of obstacles that could have easily stopped me in my tracks. Including a cold quick change, my least favorite part of the morning. But I didn’t let it stop me.

Commit. Act. Celebrate.

I can pat myself on the back today. Woohoo. Celebrate the win.

The small start moved into a productive day and looks like it will end with a cool crisp sunset walk. Now some momentum is cooking. I will celebrate it, recommit for tomorrow and plan in advance what tomorrow might look like so I can have an easier time working it in.

I have 12 pounds I’m face to face with right now. And lower energy that I like (lower than I will tolerate). Poor sleep. And more.

Of course I know why things are as they are and I must do my part to stay on course and take baby step after baby step. Rebound after rebound. Walk after walk. Class after class. Until I stabilize with a body and a lifestyle that looks and feels radiant inside and out. That’s my commitment.

What is your commitment? And why – what does it mean to you?
What is one committed action that you know will help you get to your vision?
Around your body mind or spirit. What makes you feel radiant?
How can this community support you in your journey? I (and we) want to hear and support you.

Over the coming days let’s continue to share what’s coming up and how we contend with those moments of doubt or ‘momentum molasses’ to keep moving forward with the support of this dynamic community.

Whatever lights you up – you can have it, do it, be it! Your dreams are your gifts and you’re here to live them. Blessed be. Have a wonderful day being ACTIVE.

Commit. Act. Celebrate. Because you’re worth it.

Enjoy the Active Chick in you today. Come outside and PLAY!

xoxo – Jenevieve