Active Chick

Our Story

Active Chick was created for women, by women. We are worlds beyond a retail site for the Active Chick brand of high-quality outdoor apparel and gear. We joyfully facilitate a growing community dedicated to supporting and celebrating women.


Active Chick was born from a great love of nature and the outdoors, as well as that old adage: Necessity is the mother of invention.

I am an avid hiker. My father used to take me and my siblings out on long walks and camping trips, instilling in us a deep appreciation of nature and the importance of conserving water, energy; all natural resources.


"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

- Albert Einstein

As an adult I could not find a hiking pack that suited me—one that was both comfortable and practical. Nothing fit my needs, literally or figuratively. Backpacks make my back feel sweaty and uncomfortable. Typical fanny packs can’t hold all the safety items I prefer to take with me, such as: a flashlight, a whistle, pepper spray, lip balm, rescue remedy extract, arnica homeopathic ointment, a multi-use tool, a granola bar, my cell phone, sunglasses, sun screen, wipes, tissues, etc.

"I wanted a lumbar pack that was well balanced, super comfortable and could hold everything I need."

Nothing I found in stores worked or was good enough quality, so I decided to have one made for me.

I decided if I was going to all the trouble of having a custom bag created for me, I really needed a cool logo to go with it--Hiker Chick. I had so much fun with the logo, I was inspired to expand the concept. Soon Hiker Chick morphed into Active Chick, which opened the door for all the other chicks. Voila, the brand was born!

Active Chick is still evolving and will be for many years to come. Join us as we carry forward the Active Chick philosophy and lifestyle to women everywhere!

Our Products

It all started with the Hiker Chick pack... Now we have a beautiful selection of high-quality, apparel, gear, gifts and more.

When you wear Active Chick clothing and gear, you show the world who you are by displaying your passion for Mother Nature.

Explore our collections of: tanks, t-shirts, stainless steel water bottles and travel mugs, ceramic latte mugs, hats, visors, tote bags, stickers, greeting cards, wine glasses, mouse pads and a ton more cool stuff.

Active Chick packs and “FUN-WEAR” make very special gifts for the women (all ages!) in your life.

Special Note: Our packs and accessories come with lifetime warranties. Custom orders are also available— contact us for an estimate.

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