Active Chick

Active Chick Pack: Belt, Bag, Water Bottle Holder


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Best Pack on the Planet – MADE IN USA – hand crafted with a Lifetime Warranty, made of nylon cordura used for wildland firefighter’s gear – it doesn’t get any tougher than that. Features include equine quality buckles made to withstand 2000 pounds of pressure, belt of seat belt material guaranteed not to tear or rip, self-healing full length, sturdy, easy-to-use zipper with large capacity pocket for your dog leash, boarding pass, large cell phone, dollars or foreign currency, credit cards, note pad, or whatever you need. Includes fully customizable accessories including a bag with custom compartments for all the necessities one needs for hiking or long trips away from home including emergencies. This pack will easily surpass your greatest expectations. Includes fully adjustable artisan-crafted belt with padded, breathable inside section, water bottle holder, and large bag embroidered with beautiful full color Active Chick logo. The Active Chick Pack has modular hardware to include on your belt or not, depending on your destination. Components are all empty – ready for your items. If you’re looking for the grab and go version, check out our COMPLETE, LOADED PACK.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 7 in