Active Chick

Right On Time. Launching at An Auspicious Angel Hour

This day is pure magnificence. And so are you. As are we all.
We are here to reflect and celebrate that magnificence.
Today we are stepping into the vortex – a time of light. This time. We are being asked all around the globe to put our attention, our focus and our energy to find solutions and generate healing. We use our power to create alignment and momentum in the right direction – for solutions to big problems. By joining together we become an unstoppable force.
The Active Chick movement aspires to do just that. Today we are humbled and rejoicing as we relaunch our website and begin to call together this powerful community of women.
A year and beyond of planning, chasing dreams, confronting unforeseen challenges and slaying unexpected obstacles, today we are at last able to celebrate the rebirth of Active Chick in a whole new dimension.
We were inspired to choose 10/10 at 10:10 as a way to honor and acknowledge the power of the flow we feel and the undeniable support of Universal forces. This is one small way we embrace being a cooperative component of the manifestation of magic.
And, by the way, we admit we are woooo-woooo dorks.
Let the magic flow. We look forward to playing with you soon!