Active Chick


Shhhhhhhhhhhh, can you hear that? Silence. Soothing, mysterious, welcome, healing silence. Nature experiences silence naturally. We humans have to hunt for it, seek it out, make time for it.
I recently spent 48 hours at a personal silent retreat. Just me and nature and other Beings in their separate dwellings doing the same thing. Lots of space. Plenty of privacy. Nature all around. Big Sur. Amazing.
Joy bubbled up. Tears of gratitude bubbled up and overflowed. Creativity uncorked.
Spending time in silence restores sanity. Revives joy. Eliminates stress. Reconnects soul with self.
Try being silent for 5 minutes. Totally, completely silent. Just you and your thoughts. No interruptions. No responsibilities, even if just for those 5 minutes. One taste will lead to more. I wish for you serenity, peace and joy in silence. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!