Active Chick

Trusting, Softening, Letting Go

appy New Year! 2013 went out with a BANG for me, all messy and discombobulated. I wasn’t sure I would quite get through the last couple of weeks and all the extreme challenges, but alas, I did get through it! Here I am, again filled with peace.

When things seem out of control, I find that ‘being’ with what is, trusting that what is happening is exactly what is supposed to be happening, and mustering the faith that life will again rise to a place of harmony and goodwill makes hanging in there bearable. And alas, life always come back to equilibrium, even when we cannot imagine it ever will. Actually, it rises above the level it was before the chaos. It always does, at least for me. I grow, I learn, I gain wisdom, I am grateful.

Here’s wishing everyone in the world a year of dreams coming into fruition, kindness given and received beyond imaginings, and lots of time spent in Mother Nature, the greatest Healer of all. Salud!!