Active Chick

When things fall apart

Christmas and the Holy Day celebrations are not always full of joy.
I know you experience times when life feels so hard and so unfair that you don’t know where to turn. I am in the midst of times like that right now. Those times when the pain is deep, and the “WHY???” questioning just won’t go away.

Just this weekend my beloved Yellow Lab, Sadie, who is the canine apple of my eye, was poisoned with drugs. She is still in the Vet Emergency Room recovering, and we hope it will be a full recovery. Who would do that??
Our sweet cat was stolen from us 2 1/2 months ago. We know about it because of incidences that happened just prior. Why would anyone want to take someone’s cat from them and cause all that sorrow and pain?

Days ago, our trusty old motorhome was broken into and gas siphoned out of it.

A year ago tomorrow, someone gave rat poison to Sadie, the yellow lab, and she was within 30 minutes of death when we arrived at the Pet E.R. at noon 2 days before Christmas.

There are some very sick people in the world, no doubt about that. Their pain must be so deep to cause them to act in these ways. Think about genocide. How could anyone want to harm another being, let alone torture and cause undue suffering? I don’t understand, no matter how compassionate I try to feel.
What I do understand is that life goes on, and there are always many things about which to feel grateful. I don’t live in a big crime-ridden city. In fact, I live in the happiest place in America, San Luis Obispo, CA. I pray to love, love, love my enemies and trust that in doing that, it somehow will help heal that part of them that is so dark as to make them do inhumane things.
The Holy Days are about love, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, reaching out to help one another, and caring. Please, let’s remember that!